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About Blind Football

Blind Football is a futsal designed for the blind or the visually impaired players. It is currently a Paralympic sport, and the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) also organizes a World Championship.

Blind football is five-a-side football- and, more specifically, it is an adapted version of futsal; sometimes known as B1 football or football five-a-side.

Outfield players must be registered as B1 (completely blind) although the goalkeepers can be either sighted or partially sighted. To facilitate the running of the game, there is boarding placed along the length of the pitch to keep the ball in play and provide a reference point for the players when they are on the pitch.

The goalkeepers are restricted to a small area in front of the goal and have a crucial role in communicating with the outfield players alongside two further guides: one positioned on the halfway line and the other behind the goal that the team is attacking.

All outfield players must wear eye patches and eye shades to ensure a level playing field as some players may have a little light or shadow perception. The ball is also adapted with panels stitched in, that have metal shards to create noise as it rolls across the playing surface for the players to be able to hear and locate. Another unique feature of the game is that during play, spectators must remain silent to allow the players to hear the ball clearly and the playing area will often be uncovered to allow for optimum acoustics.

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