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Mission and Vision Statement of TNBFA

TNBFA Mission Statement:

TNBFA will provide visually impaired individuals with the opportunity to participate, compete, and excel in the sport of football. TNBFA will strive to create an inclusive and adaptive environment for all players, coaches, and volunteers, to raise awareness of the sport within the visually impaired community and in the state of Tamilnadu

TNBFA Vision Statement:

TNBFA vision is to become a national leader in the development and promotion of blind football, empowering visually impaired individuals to reach their full potential of physical literacy and physical activity through football.

We aim to break down barriers and stereotypes associated with visual impairment, and to promote inclusion and accessibility in the sport.

We will continue to raise awareness and create opportunities for visually impaired individuals to participate in football at all levels, inspiring them to live active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

TNBFA will be recognized as the premier organization for blind football in Tamilnadu, providing the highest quality programs and resources for players, coaches, and volunteers to achieve their full potential.

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