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Past Events 2022

February 25 and 26, 2022.

First residential football camp for partially sighted footballers

- The TNBFA organized the Partially-sighted Football Camp (February): 40 players all over Tamil Nadu participated in it. For this camp, a turf ground was taken on rent. Accommodation and food were provided for the players. At the end of the exhibition match, the participants were given certificates. It was the first time that partially sighted persons played this game, which encouraged them.

March 12th, 2022.

Women's Day celebration, had a exhibition match.

- International Women’s Day Program (12 March): As a part of the celebration, visually impaired school girls were provided with breakfast and lunch along with their parents. More than 25 girls participated in this event. For the first time, the visually impaired school students and parents became aware of the sports.

2nd Women’s National Blind Football Tournament

- As a part of the 2nd Women’s National Blind Football Tournament, in April the IBFF invited all the state bodies. On behalf of the TNBFA, 6 girls, a coach and an escort attended the 5-day camp. The players got exposure through exhibition matches and training sessions with the national coaches.

- 2nd Women’s National Blind Football Tournament (May): Women players were invited from all over Tamil Nadu for the Women’s Nationals selection. We selected 15 players among 40 visually challenged players who participated in the camp. There were practice sessions that made the players fit for the tournament. There were practical difficulties for the women players in travelling. We missed 3 of our best players at the last moment therefore; we could manage to finish the 2nd Women’s National with a 2ndrunner-up position. The result was not up to the mark. 3 of our women players showed their best performance in the tournament. 3 of our women players got selected for the Asian Camp, which is to be held in Kochi, Kerala. This tournament was a very successful event that helped in setting up a strong women’s team in Tamil Nadu.

- A post-session of counseling was held after the Women’s Nationals, to cover the strength and weaknesses of their performances (June 1st week).

- Special session for three selected women players.

- Training sessions in June and July for the selected players and local players.

TNBFA conducted the 1st Orientation Program For The Government Blind School Teachers

- The TNBFA conducted the 1st Orientation Program (2nd-3rd July), exclusively for blind school teachers (Govt. and Govt. aided). We introduced blind football and its benefits to increase students’ life skills and mobility. The teachers gave us a good response to the TNBFA and its orientation and understood the scope of the sport to improve their social and physical fitness. The visually impaired get a lesser chance to mobilize, but this was a great opportunity to help in increasing physical literacy.

- 40 players from all over Tamil Nadu participated in the selections for Men’s Nationals of which 10 were selected.

- The TNBFA had organized a 3-day selection camp for Tamil Nadu Men’s team, subsequently, there was a 10-day training camp with 10 selected players for the 6th Men’s Nationals.

September 18th

- 20th, 2022.

TNBFA has hosted the 6th IBFF men's nationals blind football tournament

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