TNBFA’s contribution to Relief Work

TNBFA plays a significant role as a relief worker towards the visually impaired boys and girls. By involving these challenged youth towards sports, it gives them a scope to lead a life where there are opportunities and hope and teaches them that their impairment does not necessarily mean despair and hopelessness. Their involvement in sport builds their selfconfidence and instils in them a positive attitude of achievement and fulfilment. This goes a long way to build a holistic society where such visually impaired people can equally participate in full fervour. Had it not been this significant segment of the society would have dragged its wellness quotient way below the comfort zone. TNBFA also encourages the blind girls to play this game and offer equal opportunities as their counterparts. They make persistent efforts to promote the creation of physical infrastructure for the development of blind football in Tamil Nadu for both the sexes. It designs a season for players of both gender with regular practice sessions and competition schedules. A wide base of administrators, trained coaches and referees are constantly in the making to encourage more participation for the development of the game of blind football and encourage the visually challenged to play football in Tamil Nadu. This game is not only kicking the ball, but so much about imbibing leadership qualities and leading from the front as and when the situation demands. It ingests the players with self-confidence which might not be possible by acquiring academic achievements or other social skills. All this result in a major contribution to the State, otherwise the State administration would have to allocate large amounts of resources for welfare measure to address issues of this segment of the society.